Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Look of the day [Vespa lover's]

chasing the sunset on L.'s Vespa. having a braai. breathing midnight's air while drinking a glass of good wine. learning Spanish vocab for class. digging my toes into sand. hoping.

nailpolish Essie 'Fifth Avenue' - bracelet H&M

flats 'ASOS'

Happy birthday to you, honey!


Adele hat gesagt…

Love the colour of your shirt!
Happy Thursday Hun xoxo

Sara Bow hat gesagt…

Bin total verliebt in deine Ballerinas <33

Borjana hat gesagt…

Wow you're lucky babe!I wanna vespa too!;)

Divine Kid hat gesagt…

Super süßes Outfit! Drück dich!!!