Samstag, 26. November 2011

TRIUMPH fashion show in Munich

And here they are, the rest of the pictures! 
In the end I chose to bring my flats in a bag and wore my Primark wedges, just in case I would look to small being around so many models!
Franziska Knuppe (a German topmodel) looks really fantastic in real life!

What are your plans for the weekend?

as you can see I chose to wear my black Primark wedges, I needed to be almost as tall as the models ;)

playing around backstage :)

waiting for the train back home and enjoying "small world" from martin suter


Stiene S. hat gesagt…

Looks amazing!
Beautiful photos :)

Lucija hat gesagt…

The photos. The words. The whole blog. I love love love it!!
Following ;)


Monse Fuentes hat gesagt…

great pictures!

following you, hope you follow me back ;)

Meekay hat gesagt…

Great pics and I love your skirt!

eye_spy hat gesagt…

love your outfit!
great photos too, now a follower of your lovely blog :)

follow back? eye_spy