Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Cos Yellow

Cos Yellow

As a time is coming which is meant to be grey and cold, we should add some colorful pieces to our wardrobe and mix cotton with leather these days! And don't leave your chelsea boots at home!

Leather top
€125 -

Bangles jewelry
€17 -

Leather chelsea boots
€150 -

COS | Textured panel jumper
€59 -

Leather zip purse
€39 -

Rubber leather bracelet
€6 -

Curved pendant bracelet
€6 -


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE hat gesagt…

This is great combination of images, and everything is awesome.
You know I've bookmarked you long time ago haha.
See mine please:)

Limasim hat gesagt…

die sachen sind alle sooo toll <3

Erika hat gesagt…

beautiful items!
I follow u, follow me please


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