Montag, 2. April 2012

Back from Holiday! [Egypt]

My dear readers,

I am so sorry I didn't post anything during the last days, but my "blogger" - App on the phone just wouldn't work and you cannot post pictures via Safari (at least I can't ;-)).
Well, last Thursday my friend Michi discovered the greates last-minute offer ever: 280€ for one week Egypt, all inclusive. After three days working day and night this has been really welcoming!
But now I am back - and promise to keep you updated!

For the trip I packey my two new bikinis from Primark. When we went swimming and relaxed on the beach, I suddenly discovered that my towel was pink - from my bikini! So I am thinking about throwing it away, it cannot be very healthy if it looses color even after washing it several times, can it? What is your opinion?
Luckily, there was no stress with the blue one!
I also took my new leather bag from Zara (Barcelona, 40 Euros less than back home!).

Have a nice evening!


adriana hat gesagt…

take the blue one with you the next times and keep the other one, for sure you will need it in the future ;) maybe you should wash the pink one in the time between again. looks like you had a good time there :*

Kotryna hat gesagt…

Heey, thank you for your sweet comment in my blog. :) I found your blog really interesting, i'm your new follower :)

Timeless is more hat gesagt…

love the bikini and the studded bag!

Hope you can have a look at my latest post!

Wait for you!

CoCo hat gesagt…

klasse tasche

Adele hat gesagt…

hope you had a fab time & took plenty of pics!
Happy Tuesday hun xoxo